Saturday, July 24, 2010

Collect the Apple iPhone's Location Information

Respond to the questions of privacy law enforcement in the United States (U.S.) about the transparency of data, Apple explained that his company collects information on the location of some users gadgetnya every 12 hours.

Currently, the U.S. had highlighted the practice of data collected large technology companies, including Apple. Collecting such data violates the privacy rights of users or consumers. Section, these data were taken without the knowledge of the owner and certainly disturbing the user in terms of security.

Not only the U.S., European countries one of which Germany, some time ago also issued a statement asking for Apple to be 'transparent' about the user data.

In order not to cause unrest, this week Apple also provides the answer. Quoted from PC World, Tuesday (7/20/2010), California-based company says that they collect daily GPS data from the iPhone, which uses the IOS operating system 2.3 or 4.

"Mobile phones will collect GPS data and encrypt it before sending back to Apple every 12 hours through a WiFi network. The GPS data in the form of an identification number issued by phone once every 24 hours and collected randomly. The information we collect is not associated with a particular consumer," explained Apple in its official statement.

Apple is said, the data is used to analyze traffic patterns and density. Apple had only collected data from consumers who have agreed to use location-based features on their phone and use other applications that require GPS.

Indonesia 5 Large Producing Countries in the World Virus

Indonesia not only as a country with internet users in the world is big enough. But Indonesia also signed five major virus-producing country in the world. Wow!

The fact is disclosed by Erwin Yovitanto, Product Manager Astrindo Starvision - Kaspersky Distributor for Indonesia when talking with the Palm d', Bandung, Friday (23/07/2010) evening.

"Indonesia has signed five major virus-producing country in the world," he said.

This fact is not really surprising. Section, the data released by the Ministry of Communications and Information (Communications and Informatics), the number of Internet users in Indonesia has reached 45 million.

"Yes, because internet users in Indonesia is quite large, the fair if the amount of virus produced is also large," he said.

Even so, he continued, the type of virus that was made by Indonesia does not include a malignant virus. Most of the viruses made in Indonesia only display messages or hide certain files. Not a virus that can be damaging.

"Ngga damage. More to the fad alone. Trying to make a virus. Indeed many kinds. But the average show only those words or certain messages or even hidden files. Yes, the only trouble was. No harm, "he said.

Predicate holds as one of the many countries that make the virus, Indonesia became countries targeted cyber attacks. Data owned by Kaspersky, Indonesia in the first quarter of 2010 ranked 20 countries which become the target of cyber criminals. Same period in the year before, Indonesia has not entered into 20 large. The data is based on an analysis of

"In ASEAN, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines has always been a target of attack. Indonesia has recently entered the top 20. The countries most frequently targeted are China, Russia, India and the United States," he explained.

In China, Google's stock tumbles

Related feud involved with government censorship policies of China makes Google's stock in the search engine market share in the country's Bamboo Curtain fell in the second quarter of this year.

The China Post, Friday (07/23/2010), research firm Analysys International reported, in the last three months to June, the Internet giant's stock fell to 24.2 percent. Earlier in the first quarter, Google's stock still reached 30.9 percent.

Conversely, at the same time, China's search engine, Baidu, reap a blessing. Conflict between Google and the China government actually Baidu reinforces dominance with an increased market share reached 70 percent from the previous 64 percent in the first quarter.

China's own market share in the second quarter as a whole, reaching a value of U.S. $ 394 million, up 48 percent every year.

"The uncertainty that hit Google actually help Baidu to expand its market share," writes Analysys International in a report.

Google had planned to stop its operations in China. Following later in March last, the Internet giant is re-routing access to Google Google China censorship-free Hong Kong.

But bullying does not make China's government relented. As a result, Google immediately stop the re-routing after China's government shows no indication of an operating permit will extend the license Google in China. Luckily for Google, China's government finally approved the extension of Google's license to continue operating there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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